We started with innovation and passion

Zap Bath Fittings is indeed a name essential for a better life style. With its wide array of designs, ZAP has certainly turned Sanitation into an Art. The main feature of Zap Bath Fittings is this that it suits every budget. Thus the company today showcases more than 50 diversified ranges. we have also included bathroom accessories, designer bath accessories and superior quality luxury bath fittings to our extensive product portfolio.

We provide a wide variety of products, including bib taps, pillar taps, bottle traps, basin mixers, sink mixers, bath mixers, overhead and hand showers, health faucets, flush valves and flush cocks, to name a few.

ZAP is the company's own brand of CP bath fittings, and this brand has been successfully providing the country with products which boast of superb engineering, innovative designs and superior quality, all at excellent prices. We have diversified our products with an aim to cater to all, for which we have collections ranging from medium to luxury and products of state-of-the-art, sleek designs keeping the modern customer in mind. ALTA, CASTER, OCEAN, MAGIC, AQUA, CROSS, ICON, MINI SOLO, SPLASH, APEX, AURA, CUBIX, JAZZ, SPARKLE, ARTIZ are few of our proud such ranges.

As Manufacturers, Exporters, and Wholesalers of all kind of Bathroom Fittings and Accessories, the company has earned a name for itself for its high-quality production, progressive innovations and its efficient customer service.