Mixer taps are a new invention and can be found in most new homes. However, if you happen to live in an old construction, then you will want to know what exactly are basin mixer taps? Earlier, two taps were mounted on the kitchen or bathroom sink. These two separate taps were used to dispense cold and warm water respectively. However, the basin mixer taps is a single water tap with two water supplies. The single spout offers warm, cold or hot water whenever required. The temperature of the water can be regulated as per convenience in basin mixer taps.

These taps were invented by Thomas Campbell in the year 1880, to balance the ratio of cold water and hot water, making it neither too cold nor too hot. The use of a thermostatic mixing valve makes it possible for a single spout to offer hot, cold and warm water.

Telephonic mixer taps are a little more advanced than the basic mixer taps. These taps are not fully fixed. They are attached to a pipe, from where they can be dismounted to be used. It is a very contemporary kitchen and bathroom accessory and is a must have for those who want to remodel their house. The Telephonic mixer taps provide with a contemporary look to the place where they are installed. They not only look impeccable, but they are also simpler to work with.

Most of these taps are chrome plated so that, they do not get corroded or oxidised with time. Since they are mostly used in places where the surroundings have water, they must be resistant to rust. Chrome plated accessories can also be re-plated, when they are worn out with time. They may be expensive, but one must consider them to be a one time investment.

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